Destiny lives on fairhaven street

Violence. That’s all CJ knew as a kid. From the brutal bullying of children at school to his father’s fierce fists of rage, his life was nothing short of a nightmare. When his abusive father and his traumatized mother divorced, CJ shed his childhood nickname and began searching for the real Chris. It is at this time that he meets Danielle, the girl next door. With instant attraction, their worlds collided and exploded into a magnificent world of love and trust from the start. Danielle became a beacon of hope guiding Chris through the most challenging years of his life, a time when he was discovering who he was and who he wanted to be. However, Chris ended up moving to Michigan, alienating him from Danielle just as his young love was blossoming. Can Chris overcome trauma and distance to win Danielle?

Author CJ Hudson pulls the reader into his world of hurt and belittling by his father and the bullies at school. The abuse scenes were hard to beat, and I absolutely hated CJ’s dad for how he treated him, but that also shows that the author’s writing is descriptive and moving. This gripping story reads like a diary written by the author to his children about his childhood and how he met his mother. I was able to connect with the author and enjoyed being able to read about his thoughts. I understood his reasoning why he didn’t like certain things like his real name or something as small as oatmeal.

CJ and Danielle’s relationship made me smile because she loved him for who he was. Reading about how CJ’s uncle Bob treated him was moving and, I must say, the best part of the author’s memoir. He made me smile as CJ began to feel true love and receive proper guidance from her parents. I don’t know why the ending of the author’s memoir surprised me, maybe because a part of me was rooting for him to get Danielle back.

Destiny lives on fairhaven street is an inspiring memoir of trials and triumphs. Readers will follow as the author finds the strength to survive whatever life throws at him and he will see how he tries to build a better life and a legacy for his own children.

Pages: 258 | ASIN B0BHTP7FH9

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