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Life-Giving Dementia Care: Let’s Talk: How to Bring Confidence, Compassion and Joy to Your Role as a Caregiver is a half memoir half guide by Toni Kanzler on, as the title suggests, patients diagnosed with dementia.

In the first pages of the book, we discover that Kanzler is a woman with many ambitions; however, being a caregiver was never one of them, as is the case for most caregivers. She found herself in a situation where both parents were dementia patients and passed away due to terminal illness. In addition to caring for her parents as best she could, this was a wake-up call for Kanzler that she is at high risk for dementia. Hoping that her children would take care of her when that time came, she decided to leave them something where she would point out the mistakes and the good things that happened while she was a caregiver, so that they don’t do the same. mistakes and have happier moments. Thus this book was created.

The book is divided into a few parts covering the early, middle, late, and later stages. Kanzler takes us through the whole journey from the first symptoms like crying and then forgetting that they called, the visits to the doctor and the diagnosis, the difficulties, the mistakes, the good times, saying goodbye and the consequences of it all from the point from a caregiver’s point of view as well as a patient’s point of view to better understand what our loved one may be or will be going through.

Toni writes in a casual yet deeply moving tone, from her introduction and her stories to the final words of the book. However, she manages to convey her point of view to anyone who decides to give it a try or needs it.

And just as all books find you at the right time, this one found me just weeks after losing someone dear to Alzheimer’s. I was nowhere close to being my loved one’s caregiver or helping her, so this book was almost a lecture on what those closest to me faced because of the disease.

Life-giving dementia care by Toni Kanzler is aimed primarily at caregivers. Still, I recommend it to anyone dealing with this disease, medical and psychology students, or anyone just eager to learn something new.

Pages: 237 | ASIN: B08PYM45YD

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