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jane gardam

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05 November 2022

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From the award-winning author of Old Filth. “[A] wonderfully old-fashioned novel. . . This post-Victorian charmer is a mesmerizing delight” (People).

In 1904, six-year-old Polly Flint is sent by her sea captain father to live with her aunts in a seaside house on the northeast coast of England. Soon after, Polly herself is orphaned and will spend the next eighty years stranded in this quiet corner of the world as the 20th century rages in the background. Through it all, Polly returns again and again to the story of Robinson Crusoe, who, abandoned like her, avoids the madness of isolation with imagination.

In The Guardian’s series on writers’ and readers’ favorite comfort books, associate editor Claire Armitstead said of Crusoe’s Daughter: “This is the most bookish book. . . Every time I go back to him, I am comforted by his refusal to conform, by his wonderfully boisterous bullshit, and by the intelligence with which he proves that we are what we read.”

“Ingenious, subversive, moving.” —The Times (London)

“[A] Novel rich in textures. . . a lot happens in the emotional landscape. We know Polly intimately, and she haunts our imaginations as surely as Crusoe haunts his. . . a thought-provoking book.” —Library Journal

“[The] most seductively entertaining of British novelists. —Kirkus reviews

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