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Can money buy happiness?
Three years ago, the tragedy occurred. C’s youngest son was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive respiratory disease. As the clock ticked down and medical bills mounted, C desperately searched for enough money to pay for an experimental treatment. Now, driven by the idea that more money means less trouble, C has formed a gang of the nation’s most notorious bank robbers, The Cut Wrist Crew. His target, the personal identification implants of the ultra-rich. Surgically embedded in the wrist, the PII is a highly encrypted, impenetrable device that carries all of its users’ financial information. With the country’s economic disparity at an all-time high, The Cut Wrist Crew’s astonishing success in robbing the rich has unexpectedly made them the popular face of the poor’s rebellion. All goes according to plan with their heists until a member of The Crew goes rogue, putting the entire operation in jeopardy. With a divorce looming and the specter of his past failure haunting him, C’s blanket of financial security and sanity are wearing thin. Now more than ever, he needs to keep The Crew going.

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