Close to your heart – poetnilavronill

Even if you forget my name, 
Don’t like it any more
Like the black shadows of
Cold nights of bitter winter…

I’ll keep on writing those words
Deeply involved in your memory
Like the flowers blooming in joy
Expressing eternal love, bliss

Even if you would never step into
Those streets, leading the way to
Reach the address you abhor so… 
Like the atheist denying the God

All my dreams will remain vigil
Hoping to listen those rhythmic
Sounds of your soft steps, like an
Ardent lover waiting all along…

If you never stand next to me 
Never again holding my hands,  
Never again reconcile your heart
Expanding into a new morning

I’ll keep on dedicating my poems
In your name, in your memories
All my words would remain alive
To be close to your heart, forever

24th October 2022

Nilavro Nill Shoovro

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