City of Shadows and Lights (Philadelphia) by Diane Sahms

City of Shadow and Light (Philadelphia) by Diane Sahms has just been published by Alien Buddha Press. You can find the book here:

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In the ambitious project of Diane Sahms City of Shadow and Light (Philadelphia) there are classical elements, the prominence of the elegiac, as well as lyrical and oracular power that dates back to Greece but remains rooted in Philadelphia. The language rises, flourishes, albeit against a dark background, illuminating the shadow and shading the light. The meticulous pairing of shadow and light allows the reader to explore the connective tissue between the seemingly different. Sahms’ syntax alone imparts musicality and dissonance to his work. Readers are plunged into a heightened realm of wit. heroin inner arm of a dragon that spiders/never killed and Blue Heron’s Blue-gray architecture wades slowly, deliberately/brings slavish eyes knee-deep in still water. They are united as duets. In her “Suite for Iris”, the poet’s personality explores the world from the perspective of Iris, who exists in the liminal zone of part flora, part human, a fertile intersection of the primitive and the reasoned. Iris, stem high before the shears, roots of /rhizome like arteries of the heart. Sahms’s often heretical visions brilliantly push a invisible darkness.

Stephanie Dickinson, author of Emily’s Fables Y Big-headed Anna imagines herself.

Step into the looking glass with Diane Sahms as she reveals and unravels identities, searching for meaning and finding connections. Different forms of life merge into a “universal soul” in these “moving” rooms that sonically imagine the magic of “united spirits”. Morality and mortality reveal their secrets in stimulating lyrical passages in which the void is purified through resolute perception and consistent intuition. —jeffrey cyphers wright

In City of Shadow and Light (Philadelphia), Diane Sahms’ gaze into the cosmic, then back to the personal, in poems that are filled with natural imagery and (often) mystery. The focal point is the “first city”, Philadelphia, and its inhabitants, particularly those associated with the poet. We find some who create and others who fight. What unites them is the poet’s care for each and every one. Through these poems, you’ll gain a new appreciation for a place and some of its ordinary (and extraordinary) people. This is a revealing and moving collection. —Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of light tricks

by Diane Sahms city ​​of shadow and light it opens with the loss of two children and continues to hear more challenges as the book unfolds. But as he quotes Jung in an epigraph, the dark shadows only enhance the brightness of the light. Thus, the book’s ending of “light” is hard-earned, and the fortress is as inspiring as the “brave raven, who stole the light / from utter darkness // for all.” The reader is happy that this poetess has managed to keep her voice and that, despite everything, that “voice, she still sings.”—Eileen R. Tabios

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