Christ vs. Satan: The Final Battle for Earth Has Begun

the The final battle for Earth has begun, Christ against Satan, by Trinity Royal, is one of the most extraordinary books I have read this year. The concept of an ongoing war between good and evil, light and dark, which is hidden from the human eye, is intriguing and the way this provocative yin and yang is explained and explored in the book is fascinating.

The author describes the world we live in as a womb, and in most religions there is a pull for our souls towards light or towards darkness. This book references Christianity, insisting that Satan is on the battlefield to destroy our souls for judgment day. He perfectly describes the fall of Lucifer, the battle for our souls, why we are in this matrix, and most importantly, how to break out of the matrix that is apparently designed for us to be controlled. Draw similarities from the Matrix movies, which describe how we can take the blue pill so we don’t realize what’s going on, or the red pill to be shown how far down the rabbit hole it goes.

The author says that one can be in the Matrix, but not of the Matrix when he describes the ways in which it can be broken. A quote that sums up the purpose of this book is: “You can train yourself, through conscious mental effort, to move beyond the delusions the Spirit Matrix inflicts on you and raise your mind to the awareness of the spiritual realities it hides from you.”. This is an interesting parallel to Neo’s journey in Matrix. The book goes on to point out ways in which one can be manipulated by darker forces and how to avoid them.

While I thought the book presents some interesting ideas, the book shapes the Scriptures to convey its moving philosophy. The concept of free will too, which I believe most religions are based on, takes on new meaning and understanding through the interference of these forces in our lives. This is an interesting book that I would recommend for Bible study, or for anyone interested in Christian philosophy, Christology, or spiritual leaders.

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