Children’s Book Review: Youth Review: Two Grades

Climate change takes the form of 3 natural disasters in this novel. A raging wildfire in California, a hungry polar bear in Canada, and a hurricane poised to destroy Miami.

two degrees by Alan Gratz (one of my favorite authors of all time, whose books are my favorite reads) is the first book I’ve ever read that addresses the tragedy of climate change.

In this novel, Akira, Owen, George and Natalie find a way to fight Mother Nature to protect their home. Akira enlists the help of his horse, Dodger, but can he get past the fire?

Owen and George are minutes away from becoming a polar bear lunch, but can they escape? Natalie might be swept away by the rising floodwaters, but can Natalie find shelter?

Author Alan Gratz has written this novel in a way that makes climate change and the meaning of the story understandable to children. It provides significant insight into the damage it is doing to our world, while still having excellent writing as always.

Reading two degreesIt will show you how important it is to take great care of our world, because this is our home and we must treat it as such.


two degrees
Author: alan graz
Editor: Scholastic Press, $17.99
Publication date: October 4, 2022
Format: Hard-cover
ISBN: 978-1338735673
By ages: 8 -12
Write: middle grade novel

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