Children’s Book Review: Review: The Bewilderbeast

the bewildering beast is a story about searching for the truth and hunting for monsters in the deep and dark jungle.

The story begins with a tracker (who turns out to be a fox) who visits a jungle town and is promised gold if he can track down some monsters.

The townspeople here have seen FOUR monsters and have become very nervous about them and need someone to help them fix it!

The tracker asks the villagers to describe the monsters, but can’t get a simple description:

They are horrible! Some screamed. ‘Weird!’ Others affirmed. They were wary and scared, no two stories were the same.

The tracker decides that the only way to get to the bottom of it is to go see for himself.

It doesn’t take long for the tracker to find the first monster, but all he sees is an unusual tail that is long, pink, and spiky. Before he can see the rest of the monster, it bounces back. Soon after, he sees some monstrous feet and other strange body parts of different monsters, even horned knees!

Once he has tracked down all the monsters, he believes his deed is done and informs the villagers that yes, there are indeed four monsters living nearby! That is until he sees something else. Is it a new monster? Or are they all one and the same? Do the townspeople want to find out, or will the end result be too scary and weird?

the bewildering beast is a fun rhyming story that’s great to read aloud. It’s quite wordy, so it will appeal to slightly older audiences better, and I think it would be very suitable for a classroom. The plot of finding different monster parts keeps the pages turning. It also teaches children about gossip and to make sure they have the whole story before passing judgment on a situation.

The illustrations are full of bright jungle colors and the animals are all so sweet. The rhyme is superb and musical. the bewildering beast is a magical story of fun that will keep you guessing and will definitely suit group readings.

Title: the bewildering beast
Author: joseph pyke
Illustrator: binny talib
Editor: School, $24.99
Publication date: August 1, 2022
Format: Hard-cover
ISBN: 9781760971045
By ages: 3 – 7
Write: Photo album

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