Children’s Book Review: Review: Something About Alaska

something about Alaska is a young adult book about a boy visiting his estranged father. It is an adventurous and emotional story about growing up.

Zac is a fourteen-year-old boy who is going to spend Christmas with his estranged father. They haven’t seen each other in a while, and to complicate matters, his father lives in remote Alaska.

Things are a bit awkward between Zac and his father, but Zac is hopeful that they will get along. His father likes to live alone and stays away from other people.

Zac finds it hard to understand and reach his troubled alcoholic father who is stuck in the past. Soon, Zac feels that he can’t do anything right in his father’s eyes.

After an incident with a sled, his father crosses a line and Zac flees, right in the middle of a storm. He has to hitchhike and tries to find his way back home to his mother. It’s extremely dangerous, and when troubled man Stanley picks him up on the side of the road, Zac doesn’t know if Stanley is his savior or if he should run. Zac discovers that appearances can be deceiving as Stanley saves him from the storm and teaches him some life lessons.

The story transports us to the white snow and icy winds of Alaska. Zac’s journey includes lost cabins, dog sledding and terrifying storms. The remoteness of the environment works well and reflects the isolation between father and son. Although it was quite sad, it also had beauty and focused on growth and was quite spiritual at times. Zac is a likeable character, although he has problems and makes mistakes, he remains brave and willing to grow.

something about Alaska is a gritty atmospheric story that will intrigue a young audience. Danger and fear never feel far from the page and drive the story forward, but underneath this is an emotional coming-of-age book about knowing your worth and forgiveness.

Title: something about Alaska
Author: J. A. Cooper
Editor: MidnightSun Post, $19.99
Publication date: September 1, 2022
Format: Pocket book
By ages: 12+
Write: Young Adult Fiction

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