Children’s Book Review: Review: Rodney Forgets It

In 2018, my children, in our usual countdown to Book Week, reading all the shortlisted PBs, voted rodney loses it our winner – oddly enough, the judges agreed with us (it rarely happens, in my experience!).

Now Rodney is back in another hilarious but heartwarming tail, oops, I mean story, and the little humans will love it just as much as they did the first one. I can actually test it as I didn’t just read this to review it, I tested it with three different classes I took for off days a couple of weeks ago.

Michael Gerard Bauer
(interjection: I have to love an author who tops his blog page with ‘just me kidding’), in addition to creating world-class picture books starring a remarkable rabbit, he has produced outstanding novels, many of them award-winning.

Now Rodney, the goofy long-eared goofy bunny, entertains the kids and provides them with valuable moral reference points. In this new episode, Rodney is invited to a party that is very exciting, but he knows that he often forgets things, so he devises an ingenious plan to help the memory of him. He writes reminders on dozens of sticky notes and literally covers the house with them.

As the countdown to the party ticks down, we see Rodney mowing his neighbor’s lawn (Mr. Warren!!! lol!! no relation btw), helping out in the library and at school, taking care of his supplies usual daily affairs. When the exciting day arrives, there is a bit of a ruckus as Rodney can’t remember what the sticky notes remind him of him, but luckily it gets there eventually. But – oh no! -He arrives at the party at City Hall and realizes that he is the only guest who arrives without a gift!! He must have forgotten!

Your readers will laugh out loud as my audience did during Rodney’s wild antics and will be jubilant when they guess why Rodney is the only guest without a gift. Everyone was very excited about the reasoning behind his prediction, which was a delight to me. The perception of kindness and help from him is simply a joy to behold.

You won’t have much need to promote this heavily as it will definitely speak for itself, you’ll have a lot of kids who love the above book, but I highly recommend it for your Prep and up readers.

Title: rodney forget it
Author: Michael Gerard Bauer
Illustrator: Chrissie Krebs
Editor: Scholastic Australia, $19.99
Publication date : july 2022
ISBN: 9781761121388
By ages: 3+
Write: Photo album

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