Children’s Book Review: Review: Grub

Although flat, the cover of this book gives the illusion of a tactile sandy soil that makes you want to run your fingers across it.

The fact that there’s a mushy little guy sitting on top of the one-word title of ‘FOOD‘ is a bonus. And then, before even opening the first story line, the guards are a creepy delight.

Down on the rainforest floor, the hungry little Grub can sense that something momentous is about to happen that will cause his body to change.

Questioning his insect friends like the ladybug, dragonfly, stick insect, and monarch butterfly, he comes to understand that he will not follow their paths of change, but this journey will be his alone.

Along with beautiful illustrations depicting both the rainforest floor and its exotic flora and fauna, this story also contains the smooth rhythm of repeating lines to build anticipation in the reader.

So it ate and ate, and grew and grew…

What will happen to Grub?

We see Grub changing and growing with each new interaction, until he finally builds a special protective shell (from his own droppings, no less) and emerges as something quite special. It’s a delightful surprise, but no spoiler alerts here!

The book concludes with five fabulous facts about Grub’s transformation and guards depicting the insects transformed from those on the front guards, which rounds out the story nicely.

A beautifully presented work from the 2021 Environment Award-winning illustrator for Children’s Literature.

Title: Food
Author/Illustrator: sandra severgnini
Editor: E.K. Books, $24.99
Publication date: August 1, 2022
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781922539267
By ages: 4 – 8
Write: Photo album

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