Children’s Book Review: Review: Digging Up Daddy

Reading digging up dad It’s like putting on your Jim Jams, taking a sip of hot chocolate, and watching your favorite movie with your best friends.

He’s warm, witty and smart, with just enough mischievous bits to bring the wow factor and laugh-out-loud moments.

So, confession time. Gleitzman had me since two weeks with the queenand it has clung to me (sometimes tenuously, as I grappled with the content of his most challenging works) ever since.

digging up dad is a unique and refreshing breath of original air, at a time when so many of us need to find our way back to hope and trust in life again.

It seems this was intentional on the part of the author:

I found myself… wondering if the young people could do a little to make things better for themselves. Not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of their families, pets, teachers, neighbors, local merchants, parliamentarians etc.

That it’s written specifically for kids ages 9-11 is the icing on the cake. These young people are at the age where tough questions can be raised and individual vulnerabilities, as well as acts of bravery, are often endured or deepened. digging up dad It has protagonists in this age group and each one of them manages to make the world a better place, either by intention or by sheer luck.

The exception to this is the story that features a pothole in the road, a toy car, and a clothes hanger as main characters, and that has a girl as an incidental but pivotal background narrative. But that is not important now.

Gleitzman’s consistency, humor, and energy make each of these tales unsurprisingly wonderful. Never lecturing and only slightly serious if you hold your tongue a certain way with your head at a specific angle in strong north, this book nonetheless leaves you with a deep sense of feeling better about yourself.

I wish I could give you an example of my favorite story, but I literally can’t. Whether it’s politicians who misbehave on cameras (yelling, pointing, and insulting each other) and then get stern talk by their elementary school teachers, or kids who burn down the house and vandalize the prized family car while babysitting their twin cousins. . , you can’t shake the wonderful feeling of being taken on an epic journey by a master storyteller.

As a reader, there is great comfort, gratitude, and joy to be found in letting yourself fall into this space and allowing these upbeat stories to wash over you.

Sparkly. Hilarious. Edifying. All at the same time.

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Title: Digging Up Daddy and Other Hopeful (and Funny) Stories
Author: morris gleitzmann
Editor: Puffin, $16.99
Publication date: October 2022
Format: Pocket book
ISBN: 9781760890940
By ages: 9 -– 11
Write: juvenile fiction

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