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cherokee steel is the third installment of Regina McLemore’s Cherokee Passages Serie. It is set primarily in rural Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century. As a continuation of the story of the descendants of Bluebird and Gray Wolf, it’s a satisfying conclusion, but it has room for further development in a fourth novel; or at least this fan expects the story to continue because I don’t want this story to end.

Amelia is now getting older and still has the Bluebird stone passed down from her family and passed down through the generations. It represents both traditional Cherokee beliefs and the survival of the historical abuses experienced by both Amelia and her ancestors. She needs to find someone worthy of passing on the inheritance to the next generation, but she can’t find any family member worthy of guardianship.

Amelia’s sons Ross and Clay are enamored with the tempting teen Bonita. But she has her own tragedies to deal with. When her alcoholic father falls ill with her and her brother abandons her, she is forced to drop out of school and any dream of finding a better life for herself grows further and further away. She makes bad decisions and has bad taste with men, each one weaker, controlling and more violent than the last. As Amelia tells him: “You are like your father, beautiful to look at, but weak inside.”

Regina McLemore tells a rich and compelling story that effectively uses her compelling characters to tell a story steeped in history and hard to put down. cherokee steel it doesn’t rely at all on his previous books to prop it up. While readers can certainly benefit from reading the previous books, there is enough here to make it a fascinating read on its own. This is an epic historical fiction story that spans generations but covers years in just a couple of pages. I would have loved more details about the lives of these interesting people and their tumultuous paths through life.

cherokee steel is an engaging family saga with memorable characters that will stay with readers long after the series ends. This is a gripping historical drama that has depth and layers to the emotional turmoil of the story.

Pages: 312 | ASIN: B0BCTWBKQF

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