The 27 Best Jewelry Gifts to Give Writers in 2022

It’s the season to start thinking about your holiday shopping list! Whether you’re looking for a gift for your childhood friend or planning to give your mother or daughter a timeless piece of silver, jewelry is one of the best gifts for writers in 2022, satisfying even the most discerning shopper. . Earlier this year, … Read more

Ukrainian poetry book published | write out loud

As you know, I have just published a collection of poems about the war in Ukraine, entitled ‘The Shape of Ukraine’. There are forty poems in the book, many of which have been shared with WOL readers, and WOL was kind enough to submit a news item on the collection. In many ways it … Read more

Nuwave and beer | write out loud

Kanye is on the news speaking ill of jews And it reminds me of time me I had to call the time In you. You and your right-wing podcasts (More like NOBcasts). let’s rewind- at the time When would we spend four hours? Use of bright tones and powders. 80’s makeup *in* the 80’s. Nuwave … Read more

Watching the language | write out loud

Don’t ask what the words mean.Let’s assume they mean…something.There is a putative purpose in words.Don’t like the implication of this?Go, go to the protection palaceThey have no sense or innocenceTo know what they do whenrestrict freedom of expression or writinga complaint about profanity Sexist, racist, classic, heterophobic.Such wokish need to classify:good, bad, ugly, cruel, disgustingAs … Read more

2nd Wednesdays Poesy Coming in 2023

We are excited to announce a new reading series coming to Philadelphia in 2023. A formal announcement of when, where, and who is coming in January 2023. Enjoy holidays! north of oxford Like this: I like it Charging… Related Posted in Uncategorized and tagged north oxford, philadelphia, philadelphia poetry reading, philadelphia poetry reading series in … Read more

Cost cut-off points over time

Even now I can still see them my mothers cutting scissors an adored remembered object quite heavy for her lady-slender fingers cut around the edges of the paper patterns so flimsy and soft Like the tissues you used to wipe my daughter’s nose. especially in winter times memories of more than half a lifetime away … Read more