Release: Poems from the Headlines by Ed Werstein

. By Edward Morin . Ed Werstein’s first full-length collection, A tar pit to dye (2018), showed a playful penchant for puns, a commitment to poetry as a vocation, and an uncommon insight into human relationships and social concerns. Her new book Release: Poems from the headlines (Waters Edge Press, 2021), builds on this foundation. … Read more

divine streamer

I stand here with my feet tied to the ebony floor brimming with crystalline rage. . . The Serpentine Divine post first appeared in Nin Chronicles.

there is a couple sitting two seats forward

sitting on a train with his head bowed in silent mourning for the couple sitting two seats in front. or really for me. I cry for myself, for myself and for my love and its cramps. I’m in love, I’m in love and once again I’m in love. not with anyone, but with everyone, or … Read more

Close to your heart – poetnilavronill

Even if you forget my name, Don’t like it any more Like the black shadows of Cold nights of bitter winter… I’ll keep on writing those words Deeply involved in your memory Like the flowers blooming in joy Expressing eternal love, bliss Even if you would never step into Those streets, leading the way to … Read more

Along the way by Scott Pariseau

. By John Zheng . Scott Pariseau By the way is his first collection of poems and prose in variant forms, including epitaph, haiku, tanka-type poems, sonnet, free verse, and four prose pieces. As he says in the preface, the poet orders the collection almost chronologically and takes us along the way to different places, … Read more

Book Review: Golem by PD Alleva + Book Gift!

AD—Gifted. I received a copy of Golem in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. See my review policy for more details. As we head into the Halloween season, I am pleased to share my timely review of PD Alleva’s horror novel, golem with all of you. golem is a … Read more

The invisible – poetnilavronill

Welcome to my room You can find me here Busy with conversations With the invisible guest You may find me talking Nonsense with usual humors One exchanges with friends Too close too intimate Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be Possible for you either, To listen anything from My guest, the invisible one You can still listen my … Read more

Tango under a narrow roof by Riad Saleh Hussein, translated by Saleh Razzouk with Philip Terman

By Greg Bern Riad Seleh Hussein’s work has been a long time coming. Passionate about political activism and experimental writing, Hussein’s work is unmissable. After a brief but active youth, the Syrian poet (1954-1982) died of unknown causes after a brief arrest and, despite Arab publications highlighting his contributions to prose poetry in Syria and … Read more

Eternal Goddess – Nin Chronicles

I have the body of a goddess Porcelain eyes that make you bleed until sunset Liquid silk inked with wine. Ritual and festival echo in my bones I send roots that pierce the mountains and Sweet extract from the sea. You hear distant lyre chords in the wind The music strums along my spine Painted … Read more