can you breathe easy | write out loud

can you breathe easy

loving women
a mathematician

code, like
piled up
without disrespecting

“What are women?”
developing from there.

what you know it is.
what you know it isn’t.

get to the point: when you’re thinking
( basically )
we are all equal!
humanity reigns!

your lips against
the clear light of day!
but also the storm,
pouring rain,

you tilt your head up, a smile on your face
the juice of mars – giving life again.
your tongue dives deeper
thirsty for more
explosive joy slut,
as she comes in her taste.
eyes closed with joy,
cupped tongue to receive.

this is where you are.
right where you should be.
she has baptized me (officially),

fisher of women,
worshiper of her, lover of v.

it’s as simple as it was
when you swam in the sea,
The sun is out, it’s hot.
each wave embraces your slippery wet
child’s body you are jumping and dancing.
ecstatic peace
to you being you and the sea being the sea
and sun being sun and she being she.
and sex being sex
and your face is wet and shiny,
drenched in his semen
all good
all shiny. now.

can you breathe easy

new era
no restrictions
(though the old ghosts hold on tight)

between her legs, holy cave of delight.
a nested home waiting,
where all my love can go
can be

not much with her, no,
there is little compatibility.
Too much intensity (I really can’t see)
but you know what I mean.

she opened me up
I was ready and waiting.
she felt my burning, she didn’t need baits.

this poem, his sanctuary.
I come here to bow down
kneel before change
made in our
short house.

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