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cat kinney


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03 November 2022

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07 November 2022


Teacher by day, fantasy writer by night, West Caldwell was forced to live in secrecy long before werewolves and vampires accidentally revealed themselves on social media, sparking a worldwide scandal. A slip of his rare Omega magic bound Topher Greer against his will. Now that magic threatens to fracture even more, just as shapeshifters are being abducted from the streets of Austin, Texas.

Topher Greer, EMT and former prisoner of the most dangerous vampire coven in Texas, is one of the few who can feel the presence of undead blood. He has been marked for death by the Vampire Nation, who are holding his brother hostage. Things with West Caldwell are…complicated. Pack law does not prohibit relationships between newly changed werewolves and their sires. But West has more walls around his heart than a high-security vampire prison.

To prevent the coming war and save his brother, Topher will have to turn to the most unlikely ally and unravel the feelings between him and West Caldwell once and for all.

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