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karen gillespie

Feminine fiction and chic literature

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06 November 2022

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06 November 2022


“A winner of a first novel, full of Southern jokes and funny people.” ~Kirkus Reviews (featured review)
Welcome to the Bottom Dollar Emporium, where everything from coconut mallow cookies to Clabber Girl baking powder is just a dollar, and the coffee and knick-knacks are free.
For Elizabeth, Mavis and Attalee, walking into Bottom Dollar from nine to five isn’t just work time, it’s family time. So when news breaks that the Super Saver Dollar Store chain plans to set up shop and run Bottom Dollar out of town, things take a turn for the worse.
Manager Elizabeth, who has a good head for business despite failing beauty school, joins a team of dedicated do-gooders hell-bent on saving Bottom Dollar from the fate of loose change.
But when Elizabeth’s unlikely new love interest, who also happens to be Cayboo Creek’s richest bachelor, makes a game, some startling revelations about her past emerge that make life more than interesting for all her friends and neighbors.

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