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Bertie lives in the most wonderful place possible: the beach. It’s a beach ball housed on a shelf in a shed full of toys and you should spend fun-filled days in the sun with one beach-going kid after another. Bertie, however, is not so lucky. Day after day, he watches as the other toys in the shed leave their places on the shelves to enjoy the beach and bring smiles to the children. All he wants is a chance to do the same. When Rosie and Esther walk into the shed with their grandfather one day, Bertie’s luck begins to change.

Bertie, the inflatable beach ball, Written by Mandy Woolf and illustrated by Elmira Georgieva, it is the sweet story of a beach ball who wants nothing more than to feel loved and useful. Her sadness is palpable and the moving illustrations clearly convey her emotions to young readers throughout the book. Children will be immediately drawn to Bertie and his plight.

Parents and teachers will be reminded Corduroy as they introduce readers to Bertie and his struggle to be important to someone. Woolf includes lessons on patience and perseverance, both of which are excellent lessons for young readers. The most important lesson the author conveys, and one that parents and teachers will appreciate more than ever, is that we should give others a chance to shine.

As a teacher, I can see Bertie the inflatable beach ball as an excellent resource for elementary teachers and guidance counselors. There are some truly wonderful opportunities within Woolf’s book to address feelings and how to deal with them. I highly recommend this delightful read!

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1922670715

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