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Claire Keegan

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04 November 2022

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This award-winning debut collection of 15 short stories by the acclaimed Irish author is “among the best contemporary short stories recently written in English” (The Observer).

The compassionate, witty and haunting short stories collected here heralded Claire Keegan as one of Ireland’s most exciting and versatile new talents, earning comparison to the works of Joyce Carol Oates, Alison Lurie, Raymond Carver and others. Starting with the main story about a married woman who travels to the city with a single purpose in mind: to sleep with another man, Antarctica draws readers into a world of obsession, betrayal and fragile relationships.

In “Love in the Tall Grass,” Cordelia wakes up on the last day of the 20th century and heads down the coast road to keep a date with her lover she’s been waiting nine years for. In “Passport Soup,” Frank Corso mourns the curious disappearance of his nine-year-old daughter and desperately tries to get close to his broken wife who has gone mad with grief. Throughout the collection, Keegan’s characters inhabit a world where dreams, memory, and chance can have devastating consequences for those involved.

A 2001 Los Angeles Times Best Book, and winner of the prestigious Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, the William Trevor Award, Antarctica is a rare and striking debut.

“These stories are diamonds.” —Emily Robichaud, Esquire

“A keen and unflinching observer, [Keegan] It’s going to appeal to Roddy Doyle fans.” —Weekly Editors

“Readers should look forward to seeing his next book.” -List of books

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