American Science Fiction (four classic novels 1968-1969)

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Celebrate the classic novels of the New Wave era of science fiction with this second collectible sci-fi anthology from Library of America.
Introducing 4 underrated sci-fi classics from a tumultuous time in American history, including works by iconic black author Samuel R. Delany and feminist Joanna Russ.

In RA Lafferty’s wholly idiosyncratic and unclassifiable Past Master (1968), Renaissance philosopher Thomas More is summoned to Golden Astrobe in the year 2535: Can he save the troubled utopia of the planet from its soulless technological perfection and ensure the survival of humanity? faith?
Joanna Russ introduces one of science fiction’s earliest and most compelling adventurers in her taut, avant-garde debut novel Picnic on Paradise (1968): the tough, sardonic, and unforgettable Alyx, an ancient Phoenician mercenary teleported into the future to serve as her guide and bodyguard. of a band of stranded space tourists.
The first African-American writer to make a name for himself in the genre, Samuel R. Delany, was hailed as “the world’s greatest science fiction writer” on the basis of Nova (1968), a sizzling, fast-paced. , protocyberpunk interstellar adventure with a misfit team on a high-stakes quest.
Stumbling upon a mysterious ancient text among his father’s belongings, the son of a master woodcarver discovers the key to revolutionary change in Jack Vance’s Emphyrio (1969), a marvel of visionary world-building and craftsmanship set in the remote, feudal and theocratic Halma.

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