Amanda Montell’s Cultish (Audiobook)

genre: non-fiction

How can language be used to make people behave in a way that may seem, to outsiders, completely absurd? And I’m not talking about people who cosplay or are obsessed with a sports team. I’m talking about the kind of behavior that feels like it’s on another plane entirely, where an enigmatic leader or set of rules influences people to the point where they’re willing to move to a commune or commit suicide because of their beliefs. Cultish dives into the phenomenon of not just “cults” as we normally define them, but also organizations that have characteristics that are a bit “cultish.”

If you find the idea of ​​cults intriguing or if you love language and words, I imagine you’ll find this book really interesting. I learned new vocabulary and was fascinated by both the anecdotes and the deep dives into the most infamous cults and their leaders. It’s not the best-organized book I’ve ever read, but the subject caught my attention. good listening

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