After the first two murders happen

Interview with author Carolyn Summer Quinn

the well deserved ending follows an author who has put behind her the abuse she suffered at a private school, until the principal ends up dead and she needs to help find the killer. What were some ideals that drove the development of your character?

Amanda has done a stellar job of trying to leave behind the horrible school she once attended, but she can’t completely do it simply because she never knew the full story of everything that was going on there. After the first two murders occur, his cousin, the cop, finds evidence that they were connected to the now-defunct school, then asks him for help with the case, finally getting a chance to not only help him, but get a picture. fullest picture of everything that happened. In a way, this case isn’t just about the murders. It is also the mystery of Amanda. It’s what really drives her to help.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I wanted to explore the topic of how childhood trauma can impact the rest of a child’s life, especially when it leaves questions unanswered. Even after Amanda has moved away from the miserable private school where she was treated abominably, bad memories of her stay with her. She doesn’t know the motivations of the sick adults running the place and is left with endless speculation as to why she was targeted by these terrible people. She only really knows half of her own story at first.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on more than one book at a time, so I’m happy to report that the next one is now available. It’s another mystery, and it’s a cold case about a kid from a pretty crazy family who goes missing in a Jersey shore town in 1988. It opens in March 2020, and the last remaining member of the family, Bethany, is still don’t know who it was. She is called CLOUDY WITH A POSSIBILITY OF ANSWERS. I had a blast writing it!

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A bad private school. The boomerang of corruption! Amanda Conway has been haunted for twenty-one years by the emotional abuse she endured as a child in an “exclusive” but unscrupulously run private school. A scandal eventually led to the demise of the school, but more were discovered, and now a killer is exacting retribution on the adults who once made life for certain children nearly unbearable. When Amanda’s cousin, Detective Pablo Conway, enlists her help in understanding the past of the now-defunct school, she reluctantly agrees to become a special adviser to the police, although she believes that if any homicide could be considered justifiable, it could be. be like that. As the bodies pile up, they try to figure out what happened in the past to cause murders in the present. Who is behind this series of murders? What was happening there when? And where so many irresponsible adults once stood never Caught doing something wrong, can anything ever be corrected?

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