Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm

In this moving story written by Warren Martin, we follow Dean and Levi as they learn about the importance of spending quality time with family. All families have their traditions. It could be the annual summer vacation, specific foods during the holidays, or a family trip. In, Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm this is where Dean and Levi spend time with loved ones on a family trip year after year. We watch through sweet illustrations by Kat Powell as each member grows and connects with each passing year.

Kids will love following Dean and Levi as they visit Grant’s Farm. They will see all the different animals on the farm. It’s also great to see how they return for another vacation and how things change and stay the same, highlighting how one place can bring many different memories and emotions. It is moving to see how not only the farm changed over time, but also the family.

This story comes to a very emotional point at the end. It shows the time we all have together and highlights the fact that we should all fully enjoy the experiences we have with each other and be very grateful for the time allotted to us. Our love and memories of the past make up a large part of who we are as people. The family’s message is conveyed clearly enough for any reader to grasp and enjoy.

Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm is a moving children’s book about the importance of appreciating family. This book made me reflect on my memories with loved ones who are still with us and those who are not. Although it made me cry at the end, they were tears of happiness. I would recommend this to any reader; just maybe grab a tissue or two.

Pages: 42 | ASIN: B0BFM85GX7

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