Acting Now: A New Approach to Old Acting Techniques

acting now by Norman B. Schwartz is an insightful book that provides guidance that will help actors prepare for the demands of the contemporary acting world. The content in this book provides advice on topics that go beyond acting and includes areas such as commercials, film, and even television. The techniques highlighted in this book are not mere postulations and guesswork, as Norman Schwartz has experience as an actor, director, film editor, and creative writing teacher, and he brings that experience to this informative book and shares key principles that will help develop actors. get and keep an acting job.

The chapters in this book are grouped into three parts: act then, act now, and act later. This organization is essential as it helps guide the reader and future actor as to what acting used to be, what it is today, and what it will be in the future. Beyond the insights, I enjoyed the historical evolution shared here.

In Acting Then, Schwartz covers some of the techniques stage actors used since the 1920s, such as the Strasberg method, which drew on some of Stanislavski’s writing. Stanislavski is one of the first to offer formal training in theater acting. When the first generation to study at the American Laboratory Theater began their acting studies, they also based their variations on Stanislavski’s system.

Therefore, the system evolved to the current form where there are few adaptations for improvisation in performing monologue exercises, taking into account camera angles and self-recording. Schwartz covers all these old techniques and suggests new ones that encompass the old ones, but also better prepares the actor for the new reality of modern, multimedia-heavy acting.

One of the outstanding qualities of this book is that it is as expository as it is suggestive. It focuses on the history that has brought acting to where it is today. For example, Stella Adler’s disagreement with Strasberg’s methods and teaching to tap into emotions from one’s personal life rather than imagination helps to learn some lessons about how best to trigger an emotional response on stage.

acting now is a must-read book for any aspiring actor as it contains practical advice that can help you in your career. This is an enlightening book that will also appeal to performing arts students who are interested in the evolution of acting and the industry.

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