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A Time to Lead: Master Yourself So You Can Master Your World is a well researched and rational book with advice that can equip any potential leader. The author writes with enthusiasm and is open to sharing his experiences with readers who are passionate about leadership. The information found in the book works not only for contemporary leaders but for future leaders as well. Craig Dowden has written an insightful book that will enlighten the reader on how to be a people-oriented leader, among other things.

One of the best things about this book is how realistic the author is. Craig Dowden is not just a theoretician, but he shares what works and how it works. Living in a world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requires having principles. The author shares many rules for living and, as a leader, the approach he must take to be effective in his role.

Even with the challenges, Craig Dowden remains positive in his messages. There has never been a better time than now to lead. The author writes extensively on why leadership today is crucial. He lays out in depth how the inner game of leadership can be mastered and gives legitimate examples of leaders while giving details. Together with his masterclass instructor Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally’s lessons on mastering our way of thinking are priceless. His mindset will set the pace for everything he does, including leadership. Paying close attention to one’s way of thinking will be crucial for growth. On the domain of our emotions, the reader is warned that, as critical as emotions are in decision making, they should not get the best of us. This lesson will be helpful in the future endeavors of every reader.

One thing I loved about this book was the notable quotes. There are dozens of wise quotes with life lessons and sound advice for young and experienced leaders. A favorite excerpt from the book was: “Difficult conversations are a part of life, personally and professionally.” This quote is important as it will allow the reader to be more open to uncomfortable conversations and to accept different perspectives and ideas that they did not initially subscribe to.

Craig Dowden uses tables to make the point more understandable. The author also shares concluding thoughts, which perfectly summarize current discussions. The main lessons of the book are resilience, receiving feedback, making decisions, and being an authentic leader. Knowing one’s strengths, dealing with obstacles, and showing flexibility are other great qualities that the author discussed extensively. I recommend A time to lead… Mastering yourself so you can master your world‘to hopeful young leaders, as there is a wealth of knowledge that will be useful in their leadership.

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