A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers (Audiobook)

genre: science fiction

Dex knows that the world they live in is a good one. Even though the robots have gone off to their own wild places, the humans left behind have become better stewards of the planet. Dex has no reason to be so loose. But they are. And the decision to become Tea Monk will lead Dex to meet one of these nature robots and the questions this robot asks will delve into what makes us human.

Um, cozy science fiction? There is no other word to use. Cozy. The images this book conjured up in my imagination make me happy to think even now. I love how the robot made my brain spin a bit with its questions that are different enough from anything I’ve ever considered that those questions felt fresh and interesting. It’s a super short book and yet it still feels like a meander: we take our time in this story, we watch and contemplate and allow ourselves to be amazed by the world we’ve been given. I’m only giving it four stars instead of five stars because it was almost too slow at first for me to invest, but I’m so glad I followed it. It is a precious work.

CW – Lots of swearing in a couple of different parts

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