A permanent loss of happiness.

There are disappointments that squeeze us, and there are others that inflict a wound whose mark we carry to our graves. Such are so acute that no future gratification of the same desire can ever erase them: they register as a permanent loss of happiness. ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’ by Thomas Hardy.

On this beach of crushed sand and shells
To come! See the image of the undulating sea.
This new land found by the tides,
These wide expanses framed by cliffs of sky
On the windward side the mere placidity of the day.
Embedded trilobites, under my feet
Quartz and muscovite shine on granite
The wind and the waves have had the time
To form views of the sea, sculpted rocks, caves.
Time grinds the face of all mankind
Time wears thin and emaciated skin
Sea views, hidden rocks, caves.
His eyes go
A story taken from:

Dreams, Wishes, Memories,
The holy trinity of the centuries.

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