A killer, or someone I could love

Interview with author JB Blake

the murderous half follows a dispirited military veteran who stumbles upon a plot to invade the United States and is forced to act to stop it. What was the inspiration for setting up his story?

I read a magazine story, with photos, of something horrible that happens to some women when they are led illegally across the border. The leaders will take some of the women to a predetermined location and gang rape them, leaving the women’s underwear hanging from a tree that the entire company would pass by, and the article included a photo of one of those trees. I wondered if I had been there would I be able to stop it. The answer was probably not because those men are armed. So I wondered who would be able to stop him, and that’s when the character of Hawk was born. I dreamed about it every night for two years, building on the Hawk story. I got to a point where I decided I should write it down before I forgot. When I wrote down the story in my mind it was like taking dictation: I didn’t have to stop writing to figure out what would come next. It was about 50,000 words on that first pass. I continued to reread the book and more sections like completely finished scenes came to mind. When I finally decided to find a publisher, the story was just over 93,000 words long.

Hawk is a fun character to follow. What were some ideals that drove his character development?

Hawk would need expert combat skills and a good support group of operators around him. He would be conflicted about who he was: a killer or someone he could love. He would be a leader that others with similar abilities would follow. He would not take the feelings of those close to him for granted. His relationship with women would be conflicted due to his experience of seeing the horror of rape in the psyche of women caught in the middle of a war.

I thought it was a fun book to write. What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

There are so many it’s hard to pick just a few, but I’ll try.

I love dogs and I know their body language very well. The canine separation anxiety scene makes me laugh when I read it. The dogs are alone in the base without Hawk’s supervision. They drag loose things from around the base and make a big pile of rubble outside Hawk’s shack. Then they accidentally set fire to the pile of rubble in the middle of a large military base. His conversation with them and his resulting embarrassment is a classic for all dog lovers.

The rescue of Sarah Stuart, a beautiful British MP, from the Miss-Tique nightclub is a great scene involving the Hawk team. That’s all I’m going to say about it, except that Hawk walks in looking like a great Don Johnson from Miami Vice.

Hawk gives birth to a baby in the middle of a battle and wants to name him “AK” because of the rifle shots he hears around him.

The rescue of Heidi Lothbrok, a beautiful, young and inexperienced FBI agent. Hawk refers to her as a Viking shield maiden.

Any scene with Uncle Peter, the degenerate gamer and pilot of the Night Stalker.

Hawk meeting the beautiful Mossad operator, Rachel.

Hawk makes Leah Parker, a young actress, literally fall into his arms.

The big scene with the wolf attack and how Hawk and his dogs solved it.

The final battle scene.

Do you have future books planned with Hawk and his exploits?

With a big wink I will say that there may be more to the Hawk story. I’ll reply with the best practice of an undercover operator, which would say, “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a Part 2 of The Killing Half: The Legend of Blackhawk 6 Deuce.” Try not to notice that I’m winking at you again!

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Hawk wasn’t looking for a war. But after leaving the war in Afghanistan behind, a new war found him.

His naivety about the purpose of the war in Afghanistan was gone. Witnessing the death of someone close to him was the final blow that shattered his spirit. Hawk refused to re-enlist and went home heartbroken only to find that another war was beginning. Would he always be just a cog in a fighting machine? Would Hawk ever be a warrior again?

In a casual fight with a border crossing scouting party, Hawk uncovers a plan for an armed invasion of America. All of his fighting instincts return. Using all of his special ops contacts, he organizes a resistance. Will the resistance succeed? Will he find love again? If Hawk is torn between combat and love, who would win, the murderous half or a man who could truly love?

JB Blake – student of military history, behavioral sciences, servant leadership, critical thinking, innovation, and economics. Successful entrepreneur and intrapreneur, corporate executive and university professor. Each career path has led to interactions with fascinating characters whose traits could be woven into this story. They are like the ingredients that make an amazing recipe.

See you on the other side.

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