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James Lloyd Author Interview

The orphanage follows a man in his forties who has avoided dealing with his past and allows it to taint his present life until his conscience takes on a life of its own. What was the inspiration for setting up his story?

The inspiration for the setting of the story was my desire to show how we can easily ignore where our conscience may be trying to lead us when it comes to the choices we make, only to become victims of our own deception. Having been exposed to characters like the protagonist of ‘The Orphan’, particularly during my time with a former employer based in a predominantly agricultural sector of the state, I just responded to an impulse one day, and felt it was appropriate to create the mythical ‘ Sponsorship of the Cabbage Patch Festival’ as a base from which the story would evolve. The idea of ​​’the entity outside the body’ was an attempt to show how dramatic our alienation from sensible thought can really be. The inference was that the success or failure of the Festival would largely depend on how well Omar could finally put the things that happened to him in his past into perspective, if he was ever going to move on.

Omar is not a nice person, but throughout the novel, readers learn the circumstances that led him to become who he is. What were some ideals that drove the development of your character?

Some of the driving ideals surrounding Omar’s character development were the apparent lack of enough positive reinforcement for him as a child trying to function with his respiratory deformity and ultimately feeling that he was not as good as the other children. of his age. He set the stage for what would make him timid and fearful, and he didn’t value himself enough to believe that he never deserved the mental or physical abuse he had been inflicted on; He never realized that he already possessed the strength to overcome it. He had become so comfortable ignoring the warning signs surrounding his self-esteem that it had become routine for him to blame someone else for his problems. Furthermore, having overcome his congenital respiratory defect, he was still plagued by feelings of inadequacy as a young adult when he turned to alcohol to escape his problems and clung to his self-pity with repeated claims of deception by his Uncle Seth. His problems were compounded when he feared that he had lost himself after his violent attack on the guy who harassed him and the permanent injuries the man had sustained. Unexpected dreams about his past haunted him, and Omar needed a dramatic intervention just as ‘The Orphan’ makes an appearance to help him set things right.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some topics that were important for me to explore were: In the book of 2 Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 7 of the King James Bible, the Apostle Paul is speaking to the people of Corinth, who says: ‘For we walk by faith, not by sight’… As a person of Faith , I am a firm believer that we are all born with a conscience that may start out as a “clean slate” but the forces that tend to corrupt it as we develop, only make their job harder in trying to keep us morally centered. When we are continually taught and embrace the virtues of things like the value of friendship, honesty about one’s feelings, humility, hard work, a healthy self-image, and the power of forgiveness, it truly becomes an exercise in faith. . when we can stay the course believing that our challenges will not have the last word on our destiny. I also wanted to illustrate that growing taller is like a team sport; it means trusting others in your life to help guide you along the way, to a place of fulfillment.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book I’m working on will be titled ‘Sacrificial Wages’… It’s the first sequel of the 3dr story (novel) in my first book, and the protagonist is the same character. I’m about three chapters short of the manuscript, but it’s not as long as this book. The genre is similar to ‘The Orphan’, but the story should be more intriguing. I can’t give a projection at this time of when it will be available to readers.

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Omar Duncan is a product development specialist who is haunted by his past through vivid daydreams, keeping him apart from his peers and away from reality. His story traces key experiences from adolescence to adulthood as he reviews, in vivid detail, three of them that were most impactful. Because he has given in to years of bitterness and disappointment, he has conveniently avoided blaming himself for his misfortunes. His reckless approach to relationships that should matter most causes his consciousness to dislodge from his body and shows itself in vapor form. Omar is desperate to try to reconcile his troubled past as something necessary for them to reunite. Steam is shown several times, but his appearance changes dramatically in proportion to changes in Omar’s attitude, as it teaches him the value of treating his relationships more carefully. One particular incident becomes the culmination of the emotional cost of his past experiences, which has led him down a self-destructive path. It also allows him to see that there are always consequences for his behavior, good or bad for him; but in Omar’s case, it’s behavior that creates a dangerous encounter with someone he’s less likely to suspect, but one that ends with startling revelations.

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