6 practical uses for a GPS tracker in everyday life

AD—Gifted. Buying a GPS tracker might seem like a daunting last resort, but these trackers are also useful for a variety of everyday uses. Here are six everyday uses for GPS trackers that can enhance your sense of security and improve your peace of mind.

1. Everyday Uses of GPS Trackers: Campus Theft Protection

Ever since I started college in August, I’ve been worried about what I would do if my backpack got lost, as it contains my notebooks and valuable electronics. After PAJ GPS sent me their handy Find & Protect device, I charged and activated the tracker and slipped it into one of the inside pockets of my backpack. The tracker has a 90-day battery life in standby mode and transmits its location to the PAJ GPS finder portal, where I can see a map that accurately reflects where I’ve been over the course of the day.

Having the tracker has lightened my mood as I know that if my backpack goes missing I can easily track it.

2. Everyday Uses of GPS Trackers: Car Theft Protection

Car theft is a problem in many cities. Discreetly slipping a GPS tracker under the back seat of your vehicle is a wonderful way to have the added security of knowing where your car is at any given time.

3. Mapping where you’re going

I find it very interesting to look at the PAJ Finder Portal and see a little map showing the places I go over the course of a week. It’s fun to see overlapping lines and notice where I sometimes seem to walk in a random direction.

4. Create art

I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve heard that it’s possible to create a piece of art on a GPS map by walking in certain directions with the tracker. The idea is that when you look at the map, you will see a recognizable pattern or figure in the shape of your GPS trace.

5. Surveillance of your teenager

If you and your teen are comfortable with this relationship, placing a tracker on the vehicle your teen is using can be a great way to know where your teen is and if it’s safe at any given time, especially if you’re on a highway. travel or plan to go out late at night.

6. Everyday uses of GPS trackers: locating your suitcase

If you’re traveling and worried your luggage won’t make it to its final destination, tuck a tracker in your clothes! I recommend doing this if your suitcase contains anything of value, such as gifts or sentimental items like magazines and newspapers. If your bag gets lost in the airline system, you can easily track it down. This increases your chances of getting it back!

So what tracker am I using and who is PAJ GPS?

Introducing GPS PAJ

PAJ GPS is one of the leading European brands when it comes to GPS trackers. PAJ GPS produces reliable, easy-to-use devices that are paired with an advanced search portal. You’ll find devices in a variety of sizes, modes, and application areas, making it easy to find the device that best suits your needs.

Introducing the PAJ GPS Find & Protect Tracker

The Find & Protect tracking device comes ready to charge and activate. It comes with a USB charging cable, and once fully charged, the battery lasts approximately 40 days with an active tracking time of 1 hour per day, or up to 90 days in standby mode.

everyday uses for gps trackers

The device is durable and splash-proof and can be configured to send you alerts in the event of vibration, excessive movement, when your vehicle exceeds a certain speed, or when the tracker leaves a designated area.

The online search portal the device is linked to can be accessed from anywhere and displays accurate live location around the world plus 100 days of previous tracking. All alarms and functions can be set through the app.

So while GPS trackers may seem like complicated items that only have a few obscure uses, GPS trackers can, in fact, be incorporated into our daily lives and are especially useful when used as a security enhancement.

How would you use a GPS tracker in your daily life? Do you think a GPS tracker could improve your sense of security? Tell me below!

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