15 Essential and Affordable Desk Accessories for Writers

Whether you’re a busy author or a blogger writing a blog, having an organized workspace is essential if you want to be more productive. With these fifteen essential and affordable desk accessories, your desk can become a place you love to go.

So, if you’re looking to redesign your desk layout or revamp your writing space, you’ll love this list of the best essential desk accessories for writers.

With style, practicality, and affordability in mind, I’ve rounded up this fun list that’s packed with useful essentials like desk organizers and pencil holders, and some fun accessories like candles and mugs.

The best writing comes from a place of contentment, so read on to discover the best writing essentials and desk accessories available today!

Essential Desk Accessories for Writers: Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing the items you use every day, like pens, highlighters, and notes, as they provide a convenient way to keep clutter off your desk while keeping essentials at hand. arm’s reach.

When thinking about what type of desk organizer to buy, think about the supplies you need to store. Don’t buy an organizer that is too big or too small. Instead, think about what you’ll be using the organizer for and buy one that meets your needs.

1. Minimal one piece desk organizer

This desktop organizer is simple and functional. Six different slots provide space for pens, accessories, sticky notepads, and even larger files.

The best desk organizers for writers

2. Adjustable wooden display rack

This display is a stylish way to store your writing pads, any pertinent writing craft books you love to have on hand, pens, and even a few pieces of desk décor!

best desk for writers

3. Stylish White Wood Accessory Organizer

This wooden organizer is stylish and large enough to easily organize many of your everyday essentials, including file folders, stationery supplies, sticky notepads, scissors, and pens!

The best desk organizers for writers

4. 3 Piece Desk Organizer

If you love a matching set, this three-piece desk organizer is minimalist yet functional! Organize your notepads, notebooks and pens easily and effectively and enjoy the added bonus of being able to play around with the placement of each item.

Best desktop monitor organizer for writers

5. Dual Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

Solve all your desk problems with this dual monitor stand and desk organizer! This organizer creates a dedicated space for your stationery, electronics, and accessories and provides a clean finish to any writing space.

Best Quirky Desk Organizers for Writers

6. Quirky Elephant Mini Desk Organizer

If you want to add a little flair to your desk, consider this fun mini elephant desk organizer! It fits your phone and can hold a decent collection of pens and other small accessories.

Essential desk accessories for writers

Your comfort is key if you are sitting down to write or blog for long periods of time. You’ll want to have good lighting and even a set of wrist rests to support your wrists during long typing sessions.

Essential desk accessories for writers

7. Mouse pad and writing mat

Protect your writing space from spills and messes with this handy writing mat that doubles as a mouse pad.

Essential Laptop Accessories for Writers

8. keyboard cover

Your desk isn’t the only thing that needs protection from dirt and spills! This keyboard cover comes in a variety of colors and is designed to protect your keyboard from grease and dirt.

Essential desk accessories for writers

9. Memory foam wrist rest

Relieve wrist pain with this memory foam wrist rest! It’s perfect for everyday use and helps your body better tolerate long writing sessions.

Essential desk accessories for writers

10. Rose Gold Desk Lamp

Let’s shed some light on the subject! This desk lamp is sleek and minimalist, making it perfect for working in your writing space.

Fun and essential desk accessories for writers

To help you add to the literary vibe of your desk, here are some fun and essential writing desk accessories. You will love these cups and candles!

Fun writing accessories

11. It’s a good day to write writer’s mug

Enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon cup of tea in this inspirational writer mug!

Fun writing accessories

12. Best Selling Future Author Writer Mug

If you’re more of a hopeful wannabe and want a little reminder of what you’re working for, you’ll love this best-selling future author mug.

Fun writing accessories

13. Minimum rate of storytelling

And for the lowliest among us, here’s the perfect everyday coffee mug that pairs well with any literary aesthetic!

Fun writing accessories

14. First Draft Writer’s Candle

Light this candle to inspire your work space! Deliciously scented with tobacco and caramel, this candle is a must-have during the brewing stage.

Fun writing accessories

15. Hemingway’s Minimal Candle

For a simpler, more classic literary vibe, try this elegant Hemingway candle! Its size makes it welcome on any desk, anywhere.

I loved curating this list of helpful items and dreaming up what my perfect writing space would look like! Also, if you’re looking for literary-themed gifts, keep in mind that many of these stationery accessories make perfect gifts for writers.

What’s one essential desk you can’t live without? Which accessory on this list did you love? Tell me below!

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