100 years | write out loud

Tayyip Erdogan, the leader with vision

As the peace treaty expires

turkey waits

To regain his lost glory and power

End the Ottoman Empire

A dream come true

That is what almost everyone feels.

With the realization of 100 years of the Treaty of Lausanne

It all started during the First World War.

At that time the treaty was signed

France, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia and Japan

The countries underwent a peaceful rite

1923 to 2023 the world changed drastically

Conceiving the changes that may appear soon

The Ottoman Empire can rise again to rule

With a man born to rule and lead the nations

Hoping that the peace remains intact

No matter what may happen or who rules

The economy must grow, goodness improve

Giving humanity its proper glory under a new rule on the rise

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