The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum may miss a precious opportunity

I recently got a hands-off look at The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum, Daedalic’s upcoming third-person stealth game which sees Mr Precious himself take center stage. Flanked by devs and squidged between other journos, I saw two short demos, one right at the start of his adventure, and the other much further in. I saw him clamber around Mordor (I think; it was mountainous at the very least) and then stealth around an Elven king’s abode. It was… fine. Yes, I saw an early build and things could change, but I left that booth feeling a bit underwhelmed, in all honesty.

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I, The Inquisitor is a dark fantasy RPG that marries big Witcher vibes with mean Jesus

Just imagine for a moment what the world would’ve been like if Jesus, rather than forgiving us for our sins on the cross, had rolled out of the tomb with a proper nark on instead. That’s the basis of Polish author Jacek Piekara’s series of novels, now set to become third-person action adventure I, The Inquisitor, from developers The Dust. Somebody probably ought to consult the Archbishop of Canterbury for the PEGI rating, like. Watch the trailer below.

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V Rising best settings guide: early access performance tested

Vampiric survival sandbox V Rising has, according to Steam’s player counts, entranced itself quite a following. That includes RPS’ own Ed, whose otherwise glowing preview mentioned some performance issues on Nvidia GPUs.

I’m duty-bound to investigate any potential hardware hitches, though since V Rising is only in early access, this isn’t going to be the usual appraisal of how it performs on various PC hardware. That can wait until it’s had more of the spit ‘n’ polish treatment that typically comes with the status of actually being finished. That said, I have done a full sweep of V Rising’s graphics settings and their performance impact, so if your FPS count is melting like a Nosferatu on an ill-considered Corfu holiday, have a look below to see if you can make some fruitful tweaks .

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Two men charged with LoL match fixing offenses relating to China’s LPL

Two men from Australia have been charged with match fixing offenses relating to the Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL) dating back to June 2021. Police allege the two 25-year-olds “were arranging to throw matches” with numerous games impacted. Victorian Police in Australia arrested two 25-year-old men on alleged match fixing offenses tied to … Read more

Zerograve is an arcadey Descent in a technicolour dronecoat

Joining the scandalously overlooked Blast-Axis and the more recognised Overload in the pantheon of Descentants this week, it’s Zerograve. Is this a genre revival now? Three solid contenders (that I’m aware of) must surely bring us close. It’s fully 3D space-ish combat, this time with colourful stylised levels, somewhere between technicolour neon and oddly minimalist. … Read more