On being a hoarder – Head Rambles

I have started on another of my little projects.

This is one I have been meaning to tackle for some time but was a bit daunted at the scale of the task.

I just want to tidy up my photographs.

I have about ten thousand of the damned things and they are in a mess. Some are total crap where they are out of focus or are of something so bland I don’t even know what it is. Dozens [hundreds?] are duplicated because I once started categorizing them by event such as a holiday or wedding or something, and made the enormous mistake of moving some and copying others, hence the number of duplicates.

Another little problem is that I have used different cameras so the file names can vary. Some start with PIC and others with IMG for example.

My first task is to back everything up. A mere 45Gb and it’s as well I’m not using Windoze which is tediously slow at copying stuff.

Next is to find duplicates [using ‘rdfind’. Again, thank you, Linux].

Then I have to find the crap – the experimental shots and almost identical shots of the same subject. How many photographs of Sandy and Penny do I really need?

My real problem is that I never delete anything. If I take a shite photograph I should delete it, but I don’t. I have no idea why. It’s the same with emails but at least I can block-delete them by sender or whatever.

Finally I will try to sort them or tag them to make finding stuff easier.

This all started because I was looking for a particular photograph – a rather nice one of our Sandy lying on the lawn enjoying the sun. Just behind her on a branch above her head is a young dove. The latter had hatched earlier and had become friends with Sandy who was a very gentle Rough Collie. The two of them used to enjoy the sun together in mutual companionship. I have searched through thousands and have revived memories of holidays and Grandkids so It’s not that bad a task.

I still haven’t found the one I’m looking for though.

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