If you do stuff, stuff gets done: BEDA

Sorry I missed several days of BEDA but my week went off track –

Wednesday the youngest grandson chipped a tooth at school and was in quite a bit of pain and I just focused on his needs.

Thursday my husband had an outpatient procedure done on his back and it was stressful but so far, it’s seeming like it might be a success- it takes time to know for sure but we are thankful it went as well as it did.

So Friday, I tired to catch up doing all the things I didn’t do Wednesday and Thursday. I got a lot done but I also wore myself out.

I’m pretty sure y’all can all relate……

So on to today

I’ve been looking for a good blueberry muffin recipe. I’ve tried several but they weren’t as good as I hoped. Y

I baked this version from an older Betty Crocker cookbook this morning. They were great!

2 of them are streusel-less as one grandson said he didn’t like streusel 🤷🏻‍♀️

I made the recipe exactly as written except I used wild frozen blueberries and added more cinnamon to the streusel.

We needed a few groceries so I went to Walmart this morning.

I didn’t look at all the prices but I was shocked to see the cheapest eggs were $3.08 for 1 dozen and small watermelon were $8.47!

Thankfully we have 2 sources of home raised eggs.

But I’m guessing all of you are seeing these shocking grocery price increases.

We had a really nice treat today that was free.

My daughter entered a contest sponsored by a new local company that specializes in charcuterie type snacks and 6

She won a dozen snack cups.

The cups were identical and I’ll try to list everything in 1 cup

Chocolate covered cashews and in shell pistachios on the bottom

A giant strawberry and 2 blueberries on a skewer

Giant grapes on another skewer

Mini Stroop waffle cookie

A flat pretzel cracker dipped in chocolate

A salami rose

Long piece of cheese- maybe a mild cheddar?

A long pretzel and a twizzler

All 7 of us thought these were a very fun treat.

This is not something I will buy but we live in a college town and I expect this business will do very well here.

❤️ Rhonda

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