BEDA #5 Dollar Tree is now $1.25 Tree but it’s still good

Hello everyone

I went to Dollar Tree today for the first time in months, maybe since before Christmas.

I’d heard they were increasing their prices and I don’t see how they could prevent it.

So now, instead of most everything being $1, things are $1.25

I just wish at the grocery store that every price increase was only a quarter.

Here’s what I bought

6 shelf stable quarts of milk

Mini Oreos for a birthday ice cream cake

4 packs of disposable plates

Furniture polish

Some turtles to wear inside face masks – I still wear a mask sometimes, like at my parents retirement home and yesterday when I went to the dentist and eye dr. Masks are required at all those places. And who can predict the future and who knows if masks will ever be a common thing again? Hopefully not but for $1.25 I thought a package of six turtles was a good deal.

2 9 x 13 food containers – I bought these before and they hold up very well. I know one of ours got switched over to hold perlor beads.

6 Packages of lip balm

About the furniture polish, I cleaned our dining table with it and it seemed to do as good a job as Pledge and Endust. It is made in the USA. The brand is Chase. It has a mild orange scent.

A few answers

Tammy I’ve never frozen pizza dough with any success but I know Dawn makes and freezes ready to bake pizza and I think Terri freezes pizza dough.

until tomorrow,

❤️ Rhonda

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