BEDA #25 to do list but very little productivity today

I’m not feeling 100% today. I did write out the list and I did get a few things done but not much.

My biggest accomplishment was washing and putting the clean sheets and blankets back on the 3 grandkids beds. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like doing my normal tasks.

I watched several episodes of my new favorite YouTuber, In The Kitchen With Momma Mel. Everyone in our household enjoys watching Momma Mel cook. She was one of the few YouTubers I have found who doesn’t seem to be trying to sell me something or scare me about something or influence me politically about something. She just films as she cook supper most every evening. Her meals are not fancy but they are food that we would enjoy. She is also very G rated.

This is the link to her latest video

Talk to y’all Tuesday

❤️ Rhonda

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