BEDA #24. a little food prep for the coming week

Hello everyone, no weather excitement today 🙂

We did a bit of planning for meals for the next few days.

For supper, I made big pan of fried rice. My fried rice has very little oil and lots of vegetables.

Son in law John made teriyaki chicken thighs

I also made a fruit tray.

We have leftovers from last night’s meal (ribs, Mac and cheese, salad, rolls and link sausage) and lots of leftovers from tonight’s meal.

The employed adults made work lunches and we will still have enough leftovers for supper the next 2 nights.

I like cooking but I’m looking forward to a couple of days off

We didn’t forget about breakfast.

I made a double batch of this recipe- except I didn’t double the sausage.

I’m obviously not a skilled food photographer but this casserole looks better in person and tastes really good too.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend

❤️ Rhonda

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