BEDA #18 to do list and eggs


Another Monday, another new to do list – plain and not pretty this time

Today was mostly filled with laundry- I think I did 7 loads.

We colored eggs yesterday so today I turned them into egg salad and doubled eggs to eat this week

Thankfully they all peeled really easy

Lots of egg salad for lunches and we ate most of the double eggs with our sloppy joes at supper.

My husband bought this mushroom cutter awhile back. We don’t eat mushrooms very often but I do use it whenever I need to chop eggs.

It works great!

Then I crushed up the shells and worked them into one of the raised beds in the garden,

More Parsimony – about my Zenni glasses, I do wear progressive bifocals and I have no complaints about my Zenni lenses.

I don’t have a very strong prescription and whether this makes a difference, I don’t know. I just know I’m happy with Zenni.

❤️ Rhonda

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