BEDA #15 eating, gardening, stitching – and – Hope and Thrift blog is back ❤️

Hello everyone

For breakfast, 2 of the grands helped me bake

streusel puff muffins

chocolate chip muffins
Both recipes are family favorites and have been baked in my kitchen for decades

Husband and I worked in the garden this morning – mostly getting beds ready for planting

The tomato plants he planted maybe a week or 2 ago are doing OK


it has been crazy windy in Oklahoma for 2 weeks, just like you said it is in Nebraska. It has not been much fun being outside all month,
but this morning, the winds were mild for a few hours. But when they picked up, I went back inside.

The broccoli in the giant planter seems to grow – not sure about the romaine though

Daughter and family went to Oklahoma City to select brick and appliances for their home being built (the slab was poured today)
Oklahoma made brick has a wait time of 5 months and Arkansas made brick has a 4 month wait time.
She was a little overwhelmed by the appliance choices so no orders or purchase were made today.

Since they were gone, we got takeout from Texas Roadhouse
It was delicious and there are leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

I worked some on this plastic canvas project- a bunny with 3 baby bunnies in her apron pockets

I’m sure some of you rememberHope & Thrift . Well, good news is she has opened back up her blog from private to public.
It doesn’t sound like right now she plans to make many new posts but her archives have so much information about gardening and food preservation, cooking, thrifting, and doing everything on a shoetring and making it beautiful as she goes along- anyway—— if you remember Jane or if you want to check out an excellent blog, go visit
❤️ Rhonda

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