BEDA #13 Elementary school musical and supper

Hello everyone

We discovered our Air Conditioner was not cooling about 2 weeks ago when we had an unusually hot evening.

So we called our repairmen and they needed to order a part and refill the cooling gas as it had leaked out.

They came today and repaired it all and it’s cooling just fine, but we sure don’t need AC today as it’s in the 50s and very breezy.

But when hot summer arrives, we will be very happy the AC cools properly.

Grandson Braeden was in a musical at his small, rural school today. The play featured classic Walt Disney songs.

The 4th graders were dressed in movie character costumes and the 3rd graders were dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouses.

I took 3 photos of Braeden afterward but none of them are very good.

He was telling us why he thought he should keep his costume but his mom said he needed to give it back to the teacher.

Supper was just my husband and I so we cleaned out the fridge and had plenty to eat.

Salad things, leftover pasta and leftover beef and noodles

We talked about going out for supper but I’m glad we ate leftovers and we can go out a later date.

❤️ Rhonda

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