BEDA #10 Aldi butter sale and a fancy planter

Hello everyone

Jane, lejmom, said her Aldi didn’t have the $1.97 butter when she went but the store worker told her he thought the sales were the same everywhere. So, I did a bit of investigation.

This is the Aldi ad in Oklahoma. Our ad started on Wednesday April 6- 12.

When you go to the Aldi.US website and look for the weekly ad, it will ask for your zip code.

I think Jane lives in Michigan, I’m not sure though.

But I did find a Michigan zip code and entered it on Aldi.US

The Michigan ad is a bit different than the Oklahoma ad, but both have the same butter sale.

Jane should be able to get $1.97 butter as the Michigan ad starts on Sunday the 10th, 4 days later than Oklahoma

This Michigan Ad says it runs April 10-16.

Anyway, if you’re wanting some bargain butter, I hope you can find some, whatever cycle your store runs it’s ads.

We have several new things on our patio, courtesy of our son in law.

One is this fancy, rolling planter.

It arrived here full of soil but I don’t think anything has ever been planted in it.

My husband planted romaine and broccoli seedlings in it today.

We’ll see how it works.

It will just be here this summer and will go to their new home in about 10 months or so.

Their builder does seem to be on the ball and he said 10 months from start to finish.

I guess we will see how it keeps going.

I’m normally optimism but with all the shortages and delays and price increases, who knows?

Hope you all have had a nice weekend

❤️ Rhonda

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