1,300 lives – Head Rambles

And the Turf Wars continue.

Our Lords and Masters are still debating whether or not to ban the sale of turf [or peat, as some foreigners call it]. They have done so many U-turns in the last few days they have actually created a vortex.

Of course the health mob [bless their cotton socks] have waded in with the startling claim that burning turf kills 1,300 people every year. This is not from immolation as you may suspect but from the inhaling of smoke from the turf. Yes – the smoke that has filled Irish skies for countless generations is suddenly killing 1,300 people a year. That is the number they reckon are killed from air pollution. As the latest debate has shown, apparently industrial and exhaust [in particular diesel] fumes have paled in comparison to the odd whiff from a turf fire which is now up there on a par with Zyklon B or [God help us] second hand cigarette smoke.

Who exactly are these 1,300 people? Is this some little village in Mayo or Leitrim where the population has to be replaced every year? They love to pluck these figures out of the [turf smoke laden] air but they seem quite confident. It’s not 1,400 or even 1,200. Do they have the names of these people? If someone snuffs it in a turf burning cottage how do they determine it was the smoke that did it and not the motorway that was build in the cottage’s back yard a few years ago?

But the biggest mystery of all…… What are these people going to die from? Some poor bastard who made his life miserable by giving up the drink and the smokes to prolong his life and has now had to forgo his fire has to die of something?


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